Jason Kurchner

CFP - Tax Minimization Specialist

In his nearly 40 year career, Jason is our go-to expert in Tax Planning and Asset Protection. He takes pride in his ability to solve complex, repetitive tax problems and in effectiveness in risk management. His philosophy is simple, but has proven time and time again to produce powerful results: The Math tells the story. Every dollar saved in income and/or capital gains taxes reduces risks and enhances returns.

Jason's practices demand unique data analysis for thoughtful, prudent solutions. He distinguishes himself through the timing, combining, and sequencing of tax law, risk management, and compensation planning. He is an expert in finding tax-free solutions and helping individuals and organizations alike keep and grow their wealth.When he's not minimizing tax exposure, you might find him speaking! He is a sought-after speaker as well as a panel member for national tax planning forums for CPA's, attorneys, and investment advisors.