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As Fiduciaries, it is our DUTY to act in the best interests of our clients.
Authentikos Advisory takes a holistic approach to wealth management and retirement planning, offering a range of services to help you reach your retirement goals.
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Wealth management

Our investment strategies are specifically designed to fit your unique needs and goals. From navigating rising taxes to analyzing emerging markets, we can help you make the right decisions with wealth management recommendations that are in your best interest.


Retirement Planning

No two retirements are the same, so why have the same retirement plan as everyone else? Understanding your unique goals, values, and priorities, an Authentikos Advisor can find the best accounts for you to set you on the path to your authentic retirement.

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Continued Connection

Markets change, sectors shift. We are constant in our commitment to serve you no matter the circumstances. It is in this commitment that you can rest assured knowing help is just a phone call away. The services we offer will always be tailored to you, wherever you are in your journey.

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Our Commitment to Education

Authentikos Advisory has the great privilege of being a Financial Resource for local radio, news stations, and in trusted financial publications. Each week we share financial updates, retirement tips, and financial best practices.

Through our Research Center, we continually investigate complex topics to provide useful education for our clients and readers. We encourage the continued education of our clients and strive to be a trusted resource for anyone looking for credible information.

The more engaged and informed you are in your financial world, the more successful our partnership will be. Our research is just one way we can invest in you and provide you with useful tools and knowledge. Our clients have access to additional resources, dedicated webinars, and client-exclusive Wine and Wisdom Events.

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 Your Authentic Retirement:
Step By Step

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Step 2: Get Acquainted

Share your goals and values so we may
begin tailoring strategies that fit you

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Step 3: Chart your course

Implement the strategies that will grow and
preserve your future

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Step 4: Your Future, Secured.

Enjoy your retirement with less worry
and more freedom

Authentikos Advisors will help you retire with