Don Bergis

Founder - Authentikos Advisor

Even before he founded Regent Wealth Management in 2003, Don carried a vision and intention for empowering his community by helping others live their authentic retirement. Authentikos rests on the pillars of care, curiosity, and commitment that he instilled through his leadership, and that he continually demonstrates as an Authentikos Advisor.

A published author and vibrant speaker, Don remains committed to providing sound financial advice and education. He is an exemplar of what it means to live, and retire, authentically and practices what he preaches as he engages with a new community in Texas Hill Country, near Austin. Don is excited to launch the Retired Advisor Podcast, where he shares stories, reflections, and his outlook on current financial news and issues.

With decades of experience guiding others through the exponential growth of the Bay Area, Don now hosts regular dinner seminars and workshops in the Greater Austin Area. He looks forward to helping his new community evaluate, understand, and respond to the ever-evolving financial landscape.