The Authentic Retirement Process™

Crafted through our Five values.
informed by your goals, priorities, and Principles.

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Wealth Accumulation
Retirement Income Strategies
Navigating Transitions
Income-Protecting Insurances

For all stages, we can help you find income solutions to approach life the way you want to.

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No matter when you retire, your retirement income should outlast you. Whether you plan on working part-time or never want to work again, an Authentikos Advisor can help you identify and implement strategies that suit your needs. We approach each situation with the diligence and regard necessary to help minimize your risk and maximize your opportunities for compound interest, allowing your money to work as hard for you as you worked for it.

Goal Focused
Socially Responsible
Risk Conscious & Resilient
Diligent Diversification
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Performance Reporting

Growth, guided by your values.

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By understanding your long-term vision and identifying your Risk Tolerance Level, we strive to create investment strategies you can be confident in. Authentikos Advisors proactively monitor your investment strategy to ensure it meets your changing needs. And yes, you CAN grow your wealth without compromising your morals. Wherever your priorities lie, we will aim to build a portfolio a portfolio that reflects your principles.

Family Income Splitting
Tax-Exempt Insurances
Asset Location & Allocation
Efficient Investments
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Charitable Giving

Never pay more than you have to.

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Taking the time to break down what different investment strategies and products can do to your tax burden allows you to make informed decisions that can lead to overall reductions in your tax load over your lifetime. Tax minimization is not just simply maximizing your take-home money at income tax time. It is a long-term process that requires consistent engagement, awareness, and action. Tax minimization is a pillar of our financial planning process and, for some, can be the difference between a cautious and confident retirement. The incorporation of tax minimization strategies is continual and requires a deep understanding of your needs, as well as a high acuity for tax issues.

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Accurate Projections
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Health Savings Accounts
Prepared For The Unexpected
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Maintaining Independence

Where Wealth meets Health

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Regardless of the state of your health, concern over funding the cost of care is almost universal. It is estimated that 50% or more of those who have planned for retirement healthcare underestimate the costs. We support our clients by providing more accurate projections for your cost of care and connecting you with the resources, support, and services that keep you on track through turbulent conditions. We emphasize a long-term approach, affording enough time and intention to be prepared for whatever may come.

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Life Insurance
Estate Tax Planning
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Business & Asset Protection
Philanthropic Ventures

Mindful for the Future

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Estate planning is a difficult topic for a lot of folks. When planned properly, it can save a lot of money and spare your family from a lot of stress. Through awareness, care, and attention we help our clients find solutions that work for them. These conversations require deep consideration and a missed step in one area can cause a ripple effect. We start these conversations gradually and work to give you the knowledge you need to approach them proactively with your loved ones. Our greatest reward in any client relationship is seeing the comfort, confidence, and joy of prescient preparation. From family to philanthropy, we strive to connect you with the tools necessary to thrive when you're at your most confident points, and support you through times of greater vulnerability.

 You deserve A confident retirement.
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