Jared Elson

Jared transitioned to financial services from his career with Yahoo! after identifying a tremendous need for sound financial advising within the tech industry. He understands what it takes to achieve results in competitive industries as well as today's ever-changing financial landscape.

His investing approach and track record for success have made him an authority in the financial industry. Committed to the democratization of financial literacy and the continued education of his clients, he supplies a large amount of the wisdom dispensed in the Authentikos Blog, Events, and Webinars.

Having called the Bay Area home for his whole life, he is experienced in navigating its unique challenges. Jared is passionate about hockey and motorsport and can be found volunteering with local automotive clubs and motorsports organizations, where he is sure to bring his Shelby GT 500. If you can't find him in the paddock, look for him on the track!


Prior to joining Authentikos in 2013, Brie demonstrated her unmatched effectiveness in managing major infrastructure projects for Cisco, Yahoo!, and Apple. Driven by her passion to meet the unique financial needs of women, she earned her Series 65 Investment Advisor License as well as a Life & Health Insurance License. Brie sets the standard of awareness and care in fiduciary services, not just for Authentikos, but for the industry as a whole.

Her upbringing was filled with practical learning through her travels with her mother and informs the curiosity she brings to every client interaction. While studying at the University of London, School of Economics, she contributed to policy on trade & tariffs for the European Economic Community (EEC) before obtaining her Masters Degree in Business and Education from Saint Mary's College.

Brie's dedication to our clients and infectiously positive approach to financial planning combine to make her one of the best financial advisors in California. When she's not helping clients, she enjoys volunteering, visiting the beach, going to the theatre, and viewing art museums with her two children.

Brie Mason
CHief Operating Officer | Authentikos Advisor
Don Bergis
Founder | Authentikos Advisor
ABOUT The founder

Even before he founded Regent Wealth Management in 2003, Don carried a vision and intention for empowering his community by helping others live their authentic retirement. Authentikos rests on the pillars of care, curiosity, and commitment that he instilled through his leadership, and that he continually demonstrates as an Authentikos Advisor.

A published author and vibrant speaker, Don remains committed to providing sound financial advice and education. He is an exemplar of what it means to live, and retire, authentically and practices what he preaches as he engages with a new community in Texas Hill Country, near Austin. Don is excited to launch the Retired Advisor Podcast, where he shares stories, reflections, and his outlook on current financial news and issues.

With decades of experience guiding others through the exponential growth of the Bay Area, Don now hosts regular dinner seminars and workshops in the Greater Austin Area. He looks forward to helping his new community evaluate, understand, and respond to the ever-evolving financial landscape.


Coming from a background in business, public speaking, and marketing, Lynda joined Authentikos in 2017 as our Events Coordinator. Her experience in leadership and community building informs the effective planning and organization of our events. Lynda's incomparable adaptability and acumen has found her running our front office operations, aiding the administration of our back office, and assisting in our marketing efforts.

Lynda holds a Life & Health Insurance License and looks forward to assisting our clients in their medicare needs. Having lived in the Bay Area for nearly 30 years prior to her recent move to Austin, Texas, Lynda understands the cycles of rapid growth and looks forward to providing perspective to her new community through the emerging growth and industry.

When she's not at work, you can find Lynda outside! A life-long equestrian, Lynda is an accomplished horse trainer and is currently saddle-training her young colt named Billy (and he's doing VERY well).

Lynda Varada
Director of Operations
James Bergis
Business Development | Authentikos advisor

As the son of Authentikos' founder, Don Bergis, it could be argued that James has a lifetime of experience observing financial planning. Although, he might be the first to contest that point.

James spearheads the Business Development initiatives at Authentikos. Utilizing his experience in customer service and client relations to reach new clients and aid Advisors in successful planning. His work is a vital resource to our Advisors as his diligence in planning and discovery, painting the clearest picture possible to identify the best solutions for our clients.

After studying Psychology and Mechanical Engineering at George Fox University, James put together a broad skillset that gives him a Swiss Army Knife quality. He provides support through Lead Generation, organization, event preparation, and even serves as our a sound technician for workshops, seminars, and courses.

Now located near Austin, Texas, James spends his free time with his family, working on hot rods, metalworking, and progressively mastering his furniture-making skills.


Shane manages our marketing channels, optimizing existing networks and creating new and innovative ways to reach our community. He was a top-ranked player in the country as a Captain and 4-year starter in lacrosse at Notre Dame de Namur University.
Since being brought on as a digital marketing intern in 2017, Shane has brought the same spirit of competition from lacrosse to his marketing efforts. He is passionate about helping our community find peace of mind in retirement and in helping as many people as he can to live their ideal retirement. In addition to his work at Authentikos, Shane is the head lacrosse coach at Valley Christian High School and sits on the Board of Directors for the Palo Alto Men's Lacrosse Club.

When he's not at work, he's coaching and competing in lacrosse, energizing stadiums as the Official DJ for both the University of California, Berkeley and the Stockton Kings basketball team. Most importantly, he argues, he takes pride in making a "mean turkey avocado sandwich" and in his "world renown Line Dancing skills".

SHane Winter
Director of Marketing
Freddie Zagala
Analyst | Authentikos advisor
ABOUT Freddie

Freddie joined Authentikos in 2016 and leads our processing efforts. He holds a degree in Finance and has worked with several Bay Area finance companies such as Smith Barney and Silicon Valley Bank.

Freddie is an exemplar of Authentikos' commitment to continued education. His motto, knowledge is a lifelong responsibility, informs his effectiveness and versatility in working with advisors to ensure the meeting of everyday needs of clients. Freddie strongly believes that the true meaning of success is a balanced life

When he's not helping clients achieve a more balanced life, you can find Freddie golfing, riding motorcycles, dominating in ping pong and living actively through running, cycling, and recreational competition in a variety of sports.


Josh Bravo joined Authentikos in early 2020 and proved immediately instrumental in the transition to remote advising that took place shortly after his arrival. As the Office Manager, he is one of the first voices you will hear when reaching out. He keeps the offices streamlined and tidy and facilitates excellent communication in his support of clients and in connecting them to Authentikos Advisors. In addition to his essential work with Authentikos, Josh owns a carpet cleaning business which he has operated for over 15 years.

His genuine enthusiasm and drive to help shows up in his infectiously positive attitude. When he's not in the office, you can find Josh outside and in nature. Whether it be hiking or sitting around a fire with friends and a nice glass of whiskey, or even dusting off decades-old comedy albums, Josh is a proponent of being present in every moment.

Josh looks forward to his authentic retirement with his wife, traveling the country by RV, attending a game at every MLB stadium, and creative expression through handmade art.

Josh Bravo
Office manager | Operations
Jason Medrano
Associate Authentikos Advisor

Since joining Authentikos in 2019, Jason has excelled in his path to becoming an Authentikos Advisor. In his role as an Associate Advisor, he assists with the facilitation of our seminars and workshops, continued client connection, and coordinates discovery calls for Authentikos Advisors. He is an example of what it means to continue education, now holding a Life Insurance License and pursuing a Series 65 Investment Advisor license.

Jason is a passionate movie fanatic and loves connecting with others through the discussion and analysis of their favorite films. When he's not at work helping the Authentikos Community, you can find Jason reading or exercising, two things he regards as vitally important for overall wellness. He and his family love taking regular trips to Disneyland where he teaches his children the importance of the "little things" by searching for all the hidden details and intricacies found in the parks.

Jason's authentic retirement finds him situated near a beach where he can spend time with his family, exercise freely, and enjoy every moment with family and friends.


In his nearly 40 year career, Jason is our go-to expert in Tax Planning and Asset Protection. He takes pride in his ability to solve complex, repetitive tax problems and in effectiveness in risk management. His philosophy is simple, but has proven time and time again to produce powerful results: The Math tells the story. Every dollar saved in income and/or capital gains taxes reduces risks and enhances returns.

Jason's practices demand unique data analysis for thoughtful, prudent solutions. He distinguishes himself through the timing, combining, and sequencing of tax law, risk management, and compensation planning. He is an expert in finding tax-free solutions and helping individuals and organizations alike keep and grow their wealth.

When he's not minimizing tax exposure, you might find him speaking! He is a sought-after speaker as well as a panel member for national tax planning forums for CPA's, attorneys, and investment advisors.

Jason Kurchner
CFP - Tax minimization specialist

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