Our Story

How experience, dedication, and consistency have brought us to be considered among the best financial advisors in the Bay Area.

From our founding, to you finding us


Founded as Regent Financial & Insurance
Services by Don Bergis in Gilroy, California.


Regent hosts our 100th dinner seminar and Don Bergis begins his weekly segment on local radio.


Now-Authentikos CEO Jared Elson joins Regent as an Advisor after a career in the tech industry.


Brie Mason joins as an Associate Advisor and Director of Operations


Our Campbell, California office opens and Brie Mason is made Chief Operating Officer


We host our first Wine and Wisdom, immediately establishing itself as a staple event for our community of clients


The COVID-19 Pandemic shifts our operations online, affording us the opportunity to help existing and new clients from all over the country.


Jared Elson steps in as CEO and Regent Wealth Management transforms into Authentikos Advisory, holding fast to the values that made us while looking ahead to the growth that awaits us.

Founded In 2003

Founded in Gilroy, California by Don Bergis in 2003 as Regent Financial & Insurance Services. Don set out with the goal to serve the South Bay Area by helping retirees and pre-retirees secure their future. Our role as Fiduciaries has always informed our imperative to build a unique relationship with each client, understanding their backgrounds, needs, and values. Since our founding, we have built a history of success and growth through authentic connection with our clients and diligent dedication to the achievement of their goals.

Expanded in 2008

Jared Elson joined Regent as an Advisor after a career in the tech industry. He identified a deep need for sound financial advising for tech professionals and sought to address it from the moment he began in financial services. With Don's shop growing, Regent Wealth Management went North up 101 and opened their Morgan Hill office. Expanding their service in the local community, Regent served their clients through the 2009 Economic Crisis and worked tirelessly to minimize its impact on their community. Jared would later join Don on the airwaves for their regular Financial Symphony radio show. The two also co-authored the book Victory!, which was published in 2013 by CelebrityPress™.

Catalyzed in 2013

Brieanna Mason joined the firm as an Associate Advisor and our Director of Operations in 2013, bringing unmatched multidisciplinary ability as well as an imperative to address the unique financial needs of women through fiduciary financial advising. Her expertise and effectiveness from experience managing major infrastructure projects for Cisco, Yahoo!, Apple, and other Silicon Valley innovators led to the 2015 opening of Regent's second office in Campbell, California. In that same year, Brie took over as our Chief Operating Officer. This new location provided greater opportunity to serve clients in the exploding tech sector and supply unique stability for those weathering the volatility commonly found in the industry.

reignited in 2020

After the incredible 2019 introduction of our client-exclusive Wine and Wisdom events, our world encountered a sudden shift with the arrival of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through the transition to remote advising, we helped our clients and our community navigate the overwhelming chaos and confusion in healthcare, finances, and business. Operating remotely enhanced our ability to assist our clients by not only minimizing the impact of the crisis, but growing and thriving through it. By expanding our reach through remote advising, we were reignited with purpose and began our transformation into Authentikos Advisory. Holding fast to the core principles, exceptional standards, and unmatched care of Regent Wealth Management we set forth with a vision to connect people all over the country to the support they need to live their Authentic Retirement.

Reinvented in 2021

We will continue to serve our growing community as we expand the availability of our services nationwide. The experience our Advisors have earned throughout the many stages of rapid growth in the Silicon Valley has created a confidence in our ability to be the best financial advisors in the Bay Area. Authentikos serves each client with the same awareness, care, and enthusiasm that Don Bergis gave his very first. We are excited to resume our workshops, seminars, and Wine and Wisdom events as the world begins to open back up. Charging forward with intention and enthusiasm, we look forward to helping you achieve the retirement of your dreams.